wii2.jpgFollowing on from Nintendinitis, Space Invaders Wrist, and carpal tunnel syndrome brought on by vibrating controllers, a new gaming related injury has begun to sweep the world. Dubbed Wiiitis (wee-eye-tis) by Dr Julio Bonis, the sufferer, it could more specifically be called virtual tennis elbow. In medical terms, adding -itis on to the end of somethign usually means that that something is inflamed, tendonitis, apendicitis, etc. Calling this Wiiitis suggests that its the Wii that has become inflamed, which is an altogether different complaint.

The condition arises because of the hours being spent playing Wii Sports which unlike the sports depicted do not require the same levels of strength and endurance that their real world counterparts do. I would take issue with this, maybe I’m just unfit but after half an hour of Wii Sports I feel like I’ve gone a couple of games against Ferrera. Dr. Bonis warns that as new games come out for the Wii, Wiiitis may show itself in muscle groups which don’t normally suffer from this kind of ailment. He also says that many doctors may not recognise the symptoms and the problem may be misdiagnosed.

Dr. Bonis reccomends that Wii addicts use the console in moderation, though he admits to knowing how hard that is. Treatment consists of Ibuprofen and a Wii-ectomy (for at least a week). (From CNN.)

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