Um, I could have told you that? Seriously though, a study has been conducted and the results have been made public. According to Business Week, the study’s results show that 8.5 percent of young video game players show signs of addiction. And what are these signs exactly? These include ““ but are not limited to ““ attention deficit disorder, being involved in physical fights, and the like.

While not all the experts even agree that such a thing (video game addiction) exists, one point that the study raised is particularly interesting. This is the idea that a person might be addicted if his gaming interferes with school performance, interaction with family and friends, and poses health problems.

The researchers took into account over a thousand children and teens in the US and gave them an online questionnaire to answer. Business Week narrates:

Children completed an online questionnaire using several scales to assess their video gaming habits. They were asked questions such as: “Have you every played as a way of escaping from problems or bad feelings?” “Have you ever lied to family and friends about how much you play ?”

To measure pathological gaming in kids, Gentile adapted criteria used to diagnose pathological gambling. Gamers were classified as pathological if they exhibited at least six of the 11 criteria.

While I admire their efforts to determine if a problem exists, I have qualms about the whole thing. Take a look at the first question up there ““ using games to escape. Come on now, isn’t this something that we ALL do every now and then? And it does not have to be limited to games! Some people read to escape problems. Is anyone looking into people being addicted to reading???

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