Xbox 360’s “Summer of Arcade” is back in force, and coming out swinging with a nice selection of titles.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

With the continued increase of Xbox Live Arcade title sales, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is bringing out constant deals to entice players into spending as many Microsoft Points as possible. This Summer being no exception, we are once again given the opportunity invest a ton of MS points to get a free game… woohoo!

The list of games is actually rather decent this year, with titles like the stunning, sidescrolling/puzzle/platformer Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Which really reminds me of LIMBO and for some reason Oddworld…) and the sequel to one of XBLA’s best sellers; Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

From Dust

Check out the complete list:

  • July 20 – Bastion (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • July 27 – From Dust (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • August 3 – Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (1200 Microsoft Points)
  • August 10 – Fruit Ninja Kinect (800 Microsoft Points)
  • August 17 – Toy Soldiers: Cold War (1200 Microsoft Points)

With the purchase of all five of these titles, you get the Xbox 360 exclusive Crimson Alliance for free. Buying all five of these titles will run you a cool 5600 Microsoft Points.

Quite a few people are crying foul at the fact that a Kinect game is a required purchase for the full deal, there are still lots of folks out there who don’t have a Kinect (or even want one). Buying the 5 games (Including Fruit Ninja Kinect) and getting Crimson Alliance free will cost you 5600 MS points, but if you don’t buy Fruit Ninja Kinect and instead buy Crimson Alliance it costs you 6000… a difference of 400 MS points.

If you plan on taking advantage of this deal, my advice to you is this: Even if you don’t have a Kinect, buy Fruit Ninja Kinect get Crimson Alliance free and then spend those extra 400 MS points on a decent arcade title.


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