Whenever gamers get too accustomed to a particular facet of our gaming lives we leave ourselves open to the shock of change. After years of paying $7.99 a month or $49.99 a year, Microsoft has decided to shake things up by raising the price.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) had this to say,

“Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 we have continually added more content and entertainment experiences for our members, while keeping the price the same. We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.”

Response to the announcement has been decidedly negative. I mean, who actually wants to pay more money?

Gamers rarely agree on anything. But paying more money is something nobody wants. When Larry Hryb made the announcement, he instantly became the most hated man in the Xbox Live community. Sorry mate.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson – Currently the receptacle of the community’s hate.

With the recent addition of Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, LastFM, and soon ESPN, I can understand the desire to charge more. There are quite a people out there that don’t use a single one of those features (every single one of which can be accessed via PC) so why should they pay an extra $10 a year?

Luckily, loyal Xbox Live subscribers will be able to lock in a reduced subscription of $39.99 for the first year ($20 cheaper than the revised price, and $10 cheaper than the current price) after the year is up, it will automatically renew at the new price of $59.99 a year.

So far only the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico will be affected.

My advice? Lock in your one year price of $39.99 and buy a bunch of $49.99 12 month subscription cards before November 1st.

– Nick Barker (Dr Strange Lulz)

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