wowbloodelves1.JPGXfire, the gamers instant messaging and stat tracking software and website, published figures yesterday which may reveal that all is not well in Azeroth. The average hours spent per player in WoW-land has dropped off by 18 percent on August’s figures. Does this mean that the novelty is finally beginning to wear off (not that there was much novelty to begin with)? Or is it just because all the kids are now back at school and no longer while away the summer days in a far off digital land? I’m outting my money behind the latter, but it would be nice to think that WoW players may some day get fed up with WoW and move on to something else, they’re always welcome in the rich and varied world that is EVE Online, my corp is looking for n00bs to shoot 😛
(From Games Industry.)

2 thoughts on “WoW Players Finally Getting Bored?

  1. Yup x-fire sucks and often gives you lag the message thing also sucks with many games.

    Please moderate your language in future comments, thank you. Mandrill

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