cbs-left.jpgAt noon EDT (East Coast US) on Sunday, CBS aired the first ever coverage of a video games tournament on a network TV station. Not at some ungodly hour of the night on a cable only channel, which is how these things usually get their TV coverage, but at noon.

The show consisted of edited highlights of some of the games being played, including Guitar Hero II, WoW 3v3 Arena matches, and Fight Night. There was also alot of the information you’d normally associate with sports coverage, play by play commentary and on screen information and statisitcs. There’s no news on how the show did with regard to viewing figures as yet but expect to see more if the ratings were high enough.

In the west gaming has a long way to go before it equals countries like South Korea when it comes to TV coverage of games tournaments, and this also muddies the waters of the ‘games = art’ debate even further, with the naysayers claiming that games are more like sports than any kind of art. My reply to that is that playing a game is more like a sport, and should rightly be considered as such, whereas creating a game is an art form. Think of it this way; Playing chess is not an art, carving the peices and making the board can be (mass manufacturing not withstanding).
(From The New York Times.)

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