wodsnakelogo.jpgFurther to this post from last month, CCP, the makers of EVE Online, have confirmed that work has started on an MMOG based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness pen and paper RPG. The rumours began last year when CCP and White Wolf merged and Marcus Bergsson has said of the IP:

“[World of Darkness] is one of the reasons we were so interested in White Wolf. It’s a very mature IP. It’s a great title for us to take and make into an MMO. First of all there are no MMOs like it. We kind of like that, and we want to explore some new avenues with that type of MMO – character-based and not being fantasy, per se. It’s a real opportunity for us”

I’ve already expressed my interest in how they handle WoD in an MMO setting, and I’d like to see CCP letting the players define the politics and drive the stories, much as they do in EVE. The system developed by White Wolf for all the original WoD games was called the Storyteller system and relied upon the players and GM to collaborate in the telling of stories, having as little to do with charts, stats and tables as possible. The aim was not to gain experience and levels but to tell compelling stories.
If Bergssons estimates are on the ball then we should see a WoD MMOG in 2011 at the earliest.(From EuroGamer.)

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