You have until 8pm GMT on Sunday to get your questions in for the creator and driving force behind the MMORPG EVE Online, Hilmar Petursson. I’ve only had one entry so far and that was my wife so she’s disqualified. There must be something that you, my faithful readers, want to ask a man who has poured 10 years of his life into developing one of the best MMORPG’s out there at the moment. To get you in the mood here’s a pic of the t-shirt you could win:
Even if you don’t play EVE you can ask him about game design and development in general, Where he stands on the “Games = Art” debate, I’m sure you can come up with a question I haven’t though of. Comment on this post to enter, I know you’ve got it in you. If I don’t get any entries I’ll be giving the shirt to Hilmar himself, which would be a waste because its only a medium and he looks like a big lad. There are only two of these shirts in existence at the moment and one of them is mine,

1 thought on “Win A Gaming Moments T-shirt

  1. Hi there!

    Hope to be the winner of the T-shirt, so here are my questions:

    – When will we see, if ever, the Jovians?
    – Will there be a North American Fan Fest?
    – When is CCP White Wolf going to start to publish EVE Lore books?
    – EVE Novels, where are they?
    – Would you consider publishing an anthology of all the EVE Chronicles?
    – How is the EVE Art book coming along?
    – EVE Mobile, just say when?
    – How is the avatars project coming along?

    I hope I’ve got enough questions to merrit the T-shirt! But just in case, I’ll be crossing my fingers!

    Good luck with the interview!

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