The CEO of Greek Nintendo Distributor, George Katrinakis, Let slip in an interview (Altavista Translation) some interesting titbits about two previously unknown Wii titles.

Wii Music sounds remarkably similar to the demo seen at last years E3, allowing you to conduct an orchestra and even take over control of individual musicians. There will also be the option to send saved compositions to other Wii users, allegedly.

Health Pack will supposedly be a Wii Sports like game which will lead the player in a series of exercises, collect biometric data, and send it to local hospitals through a Wii channel. This data will then be processed by the hospital and sent back as a kind of home check up a few hours later. I’m not sure how this would work in relation to the UK’s National Health Service, and there’s no word on how the data will be collected and processed.

Nintendo are keeping quiet about both titles and in a statement to Eurogamer, Nintendo UK said “We are not announcing anything further on these titles at this time.” Which could mean absolutely anything. It should be remembered that this information comes from a distributor who may not be in a position to know much about future releases via a rough translation done by a machine. In other words it could be rubbish. We’ll just have to wait and see. (From Joystiq and Eurogamer.)

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