Billy Pidgeon has been at it again, analysing the Wii and making pronouncements. This time he says that the Wii’s innovative control system may serve to challenge third party software producers, any that don’t take the time to design their games for the wireless Wiimote “are going to suffer” he says.

In comments to he talked about the chequered history that Nintendo have had with third party publishers and developers since the 8 and 16 bit days;

“The idea that Nintendo is bad for third-party publishers is a myth with roots in the 8bit -16bit days when Nintendo and Sega manufactured cartridges and the third party publishers felt they got short shrift in the production line.”

Personally I agree with his analysis, the Wii offers developers and publishers a clear opportunity for innovation, true innovation, which they would be fools to pass up. The possibilities made available by the Wiimote are far beyond any that other consoles could offer, ports that are slap-dash and shoehorned onto the system without work being done to make use of  it will not be forgiven. I hope you’re listening EA. (From

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