t has been suggested that Nintendo will be showing off new hardware at this year’s E3 show, and all fingers point towards that being a hard drive to increase on the Wii’s relatively small 512MB of internal memory.

The box is USB two capable so I don’t this as being too remote a possibility. With Neo-Geo games announced for the VC in April and some of them having a maximum size of 90 megabytes, which would limit you to having five of them in the Wii’s 512 megabytes of onboard memory. Obviously Nintendo and SNK don’t want to have the market for these games limited in such a way so an external HDD makes sense. This is still purely speculation though and we’ll have to wait until E3 next month for confirmation. I’d love to be going, even if it is a greatly reduced version of the event, but unfortunately California is a little out of my travel budget. I am planning to attend the Edinburgh Interactive Festival in August though and possibly the GameCity event in Nottingham in October. Updates as I get them. (From CVG via SlashDot.)

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