The final version of the Opera browser has been released to the Wii-ing public. With improved scroll and zoom speeds, built in Google and Yahoo search tools, and various parental controls for people who want to surf without a computer. The new version will be available to download for free until June, after which you’ll have to fork out 500 Wii points for it.

The Wii browser was originally released in December last year but had some irksome drawbacks. The update promises better bookmarking facilities and buttons which add www. and .com to URL’s without using the onscreen keyboard. It also allows you to use more than one remote as a pointer, though I foresee this causing arguments over which link to click.

The UK’s Virgin Radio announced earlier this week that its website was fully compatible with the Wii’s browser, allowing you to listen to music through their console. Somewhat making up for the fact that the Wii doesn’t play Music CD’s. (From Nintendo Europe.)

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