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This question has been haunting me since Saturday. The fact is that at home, most of our gadgets are Sony. We are longstanding Sony enthusiasts and thus far, this brand has not failed to meet our expectations. The PlayStation 3, for example, is everything we thought it would be.

While I do not think that another gaming console could ever replace the PlayStation, I still find myself wanting to buy the Nintendo Wii. Now if the PlayStation is that good, why would I want to get a Wii?

To be honest with you, I have never played with this console until last Saturday. We went over to a friend’s house to hang out and as it turned out, they are Wii addicts. So we ended up playing all night. I have to say, playing with the Wii is quite a different experience from the PS3.

There is no doubt about it ““ the PS3 has superior graphics and other features. It can’t be beat in this respect. However, the game play and interaction that you can get from the Wii is just something else! Ever since this gaming console came out in the market, people from all sectors have been raving about how the Wii is revolutionizing the way people play games. I believed it BUT not until I actually experienced it did I want to buy one.

From bowling to tennis to boxing ““ I had tons of fun with the Wii. My right arm is actually killing me right now, I think I overdid it with boxing. So why would you want a Wii when you have a PS3? They are two different bananas ““ you have to have both to enjoy different experiences.

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