When White Wolf games, publisher of Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage pen and paper RPG’s, was bought by CCP, Icelandic developer of Eve:Online, I thought to myself, and said to my wife a long time Eve player, “Wouldn’t it be cool if the MMO knowhow of CCP was used to make an MMORPG of the World of Darkness?” Lo and behold my foresight has borne fruit:


Now the site I got this from is in polish I think, and Google’s translator doesn’t work on it and babelfish doesn’t list polish as one of their supported languages, so I’m putting out an appeal for someone to translate the page for us, link at the end as usual.

The World of Darkness games present some unique challenges for the devlopers of the MMO as although the rules are generally the same across all the titles, the style of play of each is quite different. For instance in Mage: The Awakening, the only limits to what you can do with your magical powers are your skills (bending time, illusions, manipulating space, etc.) and the chances of what you do being noticed by a mundane (non-awakened character). You have to be subtle in how you use your magic because if you make it obvious that something supernatural is going on you can suffer from paradox, where reality seals you off in your own little universe for a while. There are no fixed spells, unless you the player design them in order to lower the chances of you suffering from paradox. The Werewolf and Vampire games (there are others focussing on other inhabitants of the WoD but these are the most well known ones) have their own little quirks as well and I’d imagine that getting a faithful representation of the PnP game into the MMOG would be difficult to balance.

The other challenge which the WoD presents is the political aspect of things. WoD may be a game of magic and mythical creatures in a modern setting but the plots tend to be driven by intrigue and politics, the various vampire clans have their own relationships ranging from amiable rivalry to outright hatred, the same with the werewolf clans and schools of magic. This is one part of the game which I don’t think CCP/White Wolf will have as much difficulty with as the mechanics, the politics in Eve are a big part of the game and are mostly player driven.

As you can probably tell I’m looking forward to this game and have been thinking about what it would need, maybe I should apply for a job…

(From Polygamia. in polish I think.)

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