The Beatles.

The name alone brings feelings of all sorts to mind. Whether its memories of heartbreak, first love, or simply fond remembrances of days gone by, everyone probably has at least one memory that they associate with The Beatles.

The Beatles Rock Band will hopefully give you a few more memories.

I had originally planned on doing a preview of Dragon Age: Origins and a review of the indie game Physics Sandbox, but a surprise run-in with the new Rock Band game gave me an opportunity that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

While I’ve played Guitar Hero and Rock Band at various friend’s houses over the years, I’ve never been a real fan.

Ok, I’m getting off track here.

When I first saw the commercial for The Beatles Rock Band that debuted at E3 I was blown away, I was practically sold on the game right there.  So the opportunity to play it before buying it was too good to pass up.

The game is everything that fans have come to expect from the Rock Band series, quality game play, a decent selection of songs, and stunning visuals.

The game play while excellent, is far more casual than Rock Band or its sequel. The Beatles technical abilities weren’t exactly on the same level as their creativity, so if you’re looking for a challenging game that will improve your playing ability, this isn’t the game for you.

If you’re looking for a quality Beatles experience that you can share with friends (or total strangers) then here you go, your game has arrived.

The selection of songs is a perfect mix from The Beatles catalog, and for someone with no musical talent, getting to play Helter Skelter is a dream come true.

Career mode will take you from the dingy basement of the Cavern Club to the roof of Apple Corp and everywhere in between. The accompanying background visuals are so stunning that I almost lost my place on multiple occasions.

My only problem with the game is that it’s a completely standalone title, you can’t play other Rock Band songs, and can only import Beatles downloadable content, so if this is going to be your first purchase in the Rock Band series and you don’t have your heart set on the game specific instruments, I’d suggest buying Rock Band 2 and then buying The Beatles disc separately.

Overall the game is great, and a definite must for any Beatles fan.

A solid 8.0/10 from me.

– Dr Strange Lulz

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