Every child knows about the beloved book Where the Wild Things Are. It’s something that we all grew up with, and it has a special place in our hearts. Even as an adult, this children’s book always gives me that warm feeling ““ inexplicable but real, nonetheless.

You may already have heard that the book is being made into a movie directed by Spike Jonze (yes, that is the right name; I didn’t misspell it). This animated version is coming out in October. Did you also know that a video game based on the book is in the works?

Well I didn’t! Thanks to a post by the Game Informer, I found out about this little tidbit:

The game places the player snugly into Max’s adorable wolf suit as he arrives at Wild Things island on his boat. The young boy battles terrible creatures, befriends the mythological Wild Things, and eventually becomes king of the island in the course of his adventure. All is not well, however, as Max is soon burdened with the duty of leading the Wild Things to safety of their island which is doomed for destruction.

The game is being developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and the DS. If this video game turns out to be a success, I would be in awe of the person (or people) who worked on the story line. I mean, the book does not have much. As Game Informer said, it’s a “ten sentence picture book.” It would be a feat of imagination to stretch out the basic concept for a full length video game. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

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