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Many people who choose to pursue a career in a field that interests them also develop hobbies related to the same field. Experiences you have within the field you’re interested in that aren’t related to the degree program you enroll in can be beneficial not only before entering a college or university, but also as you prepare to find a job in the field. If you’re interested in pursuing a degree related to video games, the following are some important steps you can take to help prepare for your education and for your future career:

“¢ Learn about games ““ If you’re passionate about the video game industry, you likely already have plenty of knowledge about games. Still, it never hurts to learn as much as you possible can about everything from the history of the development of video games to the new technologies that are being creating. You should play a wide variety of video games to learn about the various gaming styles too. It’s also important to learn about the many components that are involved in creating a game, including sounds and graphics.

“¢ Try developing games ““ You can kick your learning up to the next notch by trying to create your own video game. There is some free software out there that you can download and utilize to help you create game engines. This is another instance when taking part in online forums and gaming communities can help you, as many other gamers out there are working to learn the same things.

“¢ Start a blog ““ If you already know a lot about video games, you can share your passion with others by writing about what you know best. You might also be able to get your name out there in the industry and gain some writing experience. Even if you don’t start your own blog, you can read others to learn more about the video game industry and take part in forums about various industry topics.

“¢ Test video games ““ You can offer your services as a beta tester for video games. You can gain plenty of experience working with video games and learn about part of the process of video game development. You’ll also learn about to properly report the experiences you have with the games you’re testing, which will help you when you’re working in the industry.

“¢ Attend trade shows ““ Attending trade shows can help you learn about the newest developments in video games before many other people do. You’ll be able to ask questions about new games or the new versions of games you’re familiar with. You may also have the chance to make connection with representatives from the top video game companies who attend the shows.

“¢ Intern ““ As with every industry, internships in the video game industry are extremely valuable. Not only is an internship a good experience to put on your resume, but you’ll also likely learn many things about working in the industry that you can’t be taught in a classroom. Internships have the potential to turn into jobs at some companies, while others will at least allow you to make connections with other companies in the industry.

“¢ Learn what you’re good at ““ While working on any of the steps above, it’s most important to learn which part of the industry interests you the most. Determining your strengths can help you determine what area of the industry you want to pursue a degree in and ultimately work in.


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