I had always thought that The Sims franchise held this honor.  I seem to recall watching a trivia game show that asked this question for the final round but that was many years ago.  Now, can you guess which game holds this current position?

I suppose this is very easy ““ it’s Wii Sports.  Think about it, the Wii has certainly revolutionized the way people play video games and Wii Sports is the most basic of those games.  It is also one of the most interactive and definitely the most played of them all.  The answer is really a no brainer.

The amazing part is the time span that it took Wii Sports to reach unprecedented heights in sales.  Ponder on this ““ it took Nintendo 2 years to sell 40 million units of the games.  Let me correct myself ““ over 40 million units.

We should take into consideration that all Wii consoles are sold together with a copy of Wii Sports ““ at least in every other country except for Japan and Korea.  That fact alone already ups the game in favor of Wii Sports.  More than being merely bundled with the gaming console, however, Wii Sports really presents so much fun for the people involved.  It offers so much interaction between people of all sorts of ages, backgrounds, and interests that it has such a high replay value.  A year, or even two, after first playing Wii Sports, it would not be out of the ordinary to keep on playing the games”¦which reminds me, I think I feel like playing tennis.

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