In the 2006 Engadget awards.

Will it be the PS3 for it’s gorgeous visuals, the Xbox 360 for its quite nice visuals but great online features, or the Wii for its only-slightly-better-than-GameCube visuals but completely new and innovative controls?

The PS3 isn’t really anything new in my opinion, its just a PS2 that can produce prettier pictures. The XBox 360 is just a Windows PC in a different box if we’re being honest with ourselves. The Wii on the other hand is something different, its a new beast in the world of consoles which, in my opinion, will change how we play our games in the coming generations of consoles.

It doesn’t take great well known game franchises, billions of polygons, and more processing power than Deep Blue to make a great games machine. All it takes is fun. We’re meant to be playing a game after all. I posted earlier this week about The Great Gaming Moment, the Wii has the potential to produce them in droves. Hitting a home run, or bowling a strike in Wii Sports. Getting every move beat perfect in the dance mini-game in Rayman: Raving Rabbids, or fighting off monsters with a sword and shield in Twilight Princess. All Great Gaming Moments in my book.

Not only that but you’re actually having to work your whole body to get the most out of the games which, as any jogger will tell you, releases chemicals in your brain which are the equivalent of Heroin. Fun, Good for you and addictive. If the Wii doesn’t win I’ll be asking who at Engadget was paid off by Sony (or Microsoft). (Just kidding guys, I know that your integrity is beyond reproach :P.)

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