I suppose it will never end, this issue about violence in video games.  From labels to ratings to bans to recalls ““ video games with sensitive content will always be at the forefront.  I have made my stand on this issue known many times.  I think that violent video games should not be totally banned but access to them should be controlled to a certain degree.  At the end of the day, parents should be responsible as to what their children end up getting their hands on.

The government of California seems to have a similar take but they are taking things one step further with a state law, which is currently undergoing review.  The Associated Press just published this report:

Children in California who want to buy or rent a violent video game without a parent’s permission could have that right taken away by a federal appeals panel, which heard arguments on the case Wednesday.

A state law passed in 2005 that tries to limit access to such games is under consideration by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The state law, which prohibits the sale or rental of the games to anyone under 18 and requires them to be clearly labeled, was struck down last year by a lower court. Video game manufacturers argued that it violates minors’ First Amendment rights. Courts in several other states have struck down similar laws.

I think that the law should be upheld. It’s not as if it is restricting everyone.  It’s targeted towards minors.  Minors who should still be under their parents’ jurisdiction.  Am I being a prude?

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