Any of our Brit friends out there? Just how true is this piece of news that has been circulating on the Internet? Earlier today, I read an article saying that a third of British men prefer playing video games over having a night of passion with their partners.

A survey was commissioned by a group called PS3 Price Compare, and a little over a thousand British males were the respondents. The results of the survey are below:

“”¦one third of the males would prefer to play video games rather than having sex with their other halves.

In addition to this, around 72 percent of the respondents further claimed that they would avoid having sex for a chance to try out their hands on a brand new game. British males who were ready to shun sex for gaming gave a number of reasons for this, right from their “partner being hard to please” to the view as having sex “not being as much fun” as computer gaming.

Along with this, around 41 percent of the respondents asserted that if given £50 to spend they would rather prefer to spend it to buy a new video game, while only 3 percent of them would pay their bills from it.”

I find this interesting, to say the least. After all, aren’t we supposed to be the ones who would jump at every opportunity to engage in sexual activities? How can a video game compare to that?

Don’t get me wrong ““ I love video games as much as any other guy, maybe even more. Maybe this study surveyed the “wrong” people. Maybe they didn’t answer as honestly as they were supposed to. What do you think? Are the results accurate?

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