For some people, the iPhone is the ultimate phone. With so many other mobile phones cum PDAs coming out in the market, however, it is clear that the iPhone is NOT the BEST phone out there. True, it does have that X factor that no other brand seems to be able to duplicate, but in terms of being the best, many have doubts about that (including yours truly).

However, if there is one thing that just might push the iPhone over the edge in terms of desirability, it might be the interest that video game developers have for this baby. We all know how difficult it can be to text on the iPhone. We all know that other phone cameras are way better than the iPhone’s. But when it comes to gaming, well, the iPhone beats them all!

According to statistics, games are the most downloaded content from the App Store. There are so many games available in the store, and many of them are so cheap ““ 99 cents ““ and even free!

Even those people who normally do not take a second look at video games are turning into “casual gamers.” It is true that some hard core gamers might scoff at these people and at the games, but hey, they are a LOT and video game developers are taking notice. They will probably make tons of money out of this market. And as for the iPhone? Well, it only stands to benefit from this.

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