steamlogo.jpgThe latest hardware survey results form Steam make for some interesting reading:

  • Intel and AMD processors are reasonably even with Intel just edging ahead.
  • NVidia graphics cards are clear leaders at the moment with the majority being the GeForce 6600.
  • Understandably almost all users are running one version of windows or another, though the take up of Vista isn’t as high as you would think with only 5% of Steam users having downgraded
  • Only 1.21% of Steam users have a DX10 capable system (OS and graohics card), which bodes well for future releases over Steam. Support for older systems should continue for some time to come.

The results are still coming in, and so far only 330,427 of Steam users have responded. As an indication of what PC gamers are running this is extremely valuable information. Maybe if Vista proves to be really unpopular with gamers Microsoft will finally get the message. I can live in hope can’t I? (From Firing Squad.)

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