Blurry images of an alleged Wal-Mart flyer were posted on CheapAssGamer on Saturday (requires registration) which hinted at an August 8th price drop of $50 on the Xbox 360.

Its not evident from the images where the flyer is from and there’s no proof of authenticity but another image of a Toys R Us (see below) ad surfaced on Sunday which adds weight to to the speculation. Judgin from the price of the system the price drop applies to the Premium version of the system, with no indication of whether the Core or Elite systems will be getting similar treatment.
As a European I obviously resent the fact that the states gets these deals before we do, if we get them at all. You’d have thought that in an international market where the same product is being offered for sale price drops should be reflected across the board. I have however become resigned to the fact that us Europeans, and Brits in particular, will always get the raw end of the deal when it comes to pricing in the games industry. (From Joystiq.)

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