americas-army-true-soldiers-20070611044949632.jpgAmerica’s Army, the U.S. Military’s online FPS recruitment tool, is coming to the 360 with a new engine. Ubisoft is set to release America’s Army: True Soldiers exclusively on the 360 in September. Developed by Red Storm Entertainment, the team behind Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and its sequel, True Soldiers will use the GRAW2 engine to bring the U.S. Military experience to Microsoft’s console.

According to Randy Greenback, Creative Director on AA:TS the game will be something different from its older PC sibling. Players will build a soldier in the single player and then have the ability to take that character online in adversarial and 16 player co-op modes. The emphasis on team play will remain however, with players being rewarded for acting as a unit. Squad leaders will also be given the opportunity to reward team members through the use of ‘Respect Tokens’ which will go towards increasing their rank and status on the online leaderboards.

Greenback was keen to point out that scenarios from the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be appearing in the game. Whether this is to avoid protests like the one currently being staged by dead-in-iraq on servers for the PC America’s Army, or simply to deflect any controversy over the title’s original conception as a recruitment tool is unknown. (From

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