ut3_gdc.jpgYet another Unreal Engine powered PS3 suffers a delay, but this time it’s the daddy of them all, UT3 istelf. Midway and Epic had hoped to ship the PS3 version of the shooter in November along with the PC version. While this release window remains unconfirmed for the PS its definitely not on the cards for the PS3.

Epic have been taking a lot of flak from licensees of the Unreal Engine III, specifically Silicon Knights who have taken them to court over their problems, with delays and compatibility issues affecting the release of quite a few PS3 games based on the engine. This also can’t be doing anything good for the PS3 as a console, whose sales are lagging woefully behind its competitors. UT3 could have changed that and turned things around for the console but now it looks like we’ll have to wait till next year.

When I saw a demonstration of the game on the PS3 in Edinburgh, I didn’t see too much wrong with the title. Granted a lot of the menus and map names were place holders but all the essential parts of the game were in place, and looked marvellous. Mark Rein has said in Epic’s official forums that the delay is not set in stone however and Midway were simply informing investors of the possibility of slippage. He also said that there is a chance that the PS3 version will hit in December and include all the maps present on the PC. So there is hope yet, no matter how slim.
(From Kotaku.)

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