unreal_tournament_2007_3_500.jpgIt finally caught the games press’s attention this week that there would be no cross platform play between the PS3 and PC in UT3, but the big news regarding UT3 was the revelation of what would be included in the limited edition version of the game for the PC.

Eschewing the more flamboyant extras seen in special editions of a certain game released this week, which I promised not to mention again, and GTA IV, Epic have actually added something useful to the UT3 limited edition.

Along with the obligatory tin, you get an art book which may or may not consist of concept art and exquisitely rendered screenshots. There are also two documentaries, one chronicling the history of Unreal and the other providing a behind the scenes look at what went into creating the latest iteration of the multiplayer franchise. The big draw though is actually something useful, a DVD packed with hours of video tutorials for the mod tools (Unreal ED and the like), extremely handy if you fancy yourself as a bedroom developer.

The customizability of the Unreal games has always bee their major selling point from my point of view, even if I’m nowhere near dedicated enough to actually finish a map. The tools packaged with the game are comprehensive and powerful, allowing amateurs to throw together a playable map in just a few hours. With the latest version of the tools the scripting language has been made alot more intuitive, with a flow diagram interface and literally thousands of built in scripts and behaviours to add to your Unreal opus. As always though it will only be a select few which stand out from the thousands of mods, maps and mutators which will spring up from the Unreal community, and with another ‘Make Something Unreal’ competition rumoured to be in the offing, you can bet that the community will be busting a gut to bring something unique and interesting to the party.

There is no fixed release date for the game as yet, Mark Rein saying that they don’t want to promise something and then not deliver, but speculation in the media puts it in November sometime. The limited edition tin will be $59.99 (~£30) in the US with a UK price yet to be fixed.
(From Games Digest.)

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