What were you doing Saturday night? Call me a party pooper or whatever but I was NOT out partying. Instead, I was at home, watching the UFC fight between George St. Pierre and BJ Penn. Actually, if you think about it, that was way cooler than getting smashed at a bar. (Maybe not but hey, it was fun.) Anyhow, in spite of the fact that I was rooting for BJ Penn and that I think GSP is a cocky guy (though he can back it up), and that BJP lost miserably, it was fun.

And speaking of the UFC, THQ has just announced the official game of the UFC ““ UFC Undisputed. The game has its own web site and offers more than information about the game itself. You can see trailers of fights and other clips that any UFC fan will surely enjoy. I actually really like the images of BJP, GSP, and Forrest Griffin shown on the main page ““ looks like they will be the images used in the game itself and they are awesome!

So what is the game going to be like? Although there is not much information on the game itself, what they are saying is that this game is going to be “as real as it gets.” They are going to put a lot of attention to detail and imitate the fighting styles of the individual fighters as closely as possible. From what I have seen on the site so far ““ fighter profiles and such ““ this is going to be really good. We have to wait and see till Spring.

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