Researching Greek bases for Arma III might have severe repercussions for two Bohemia Interactive developers.

In a scary real-life incident, two Bohemia Interactive developers–who are working on Arma III–were arrested for spying in Greece.  Bohemia CEO Mark Spanel has confirmed news coming out of Greek outlets that the two developers were arrested for having photos and videos of military compounds on Lemnos island.  Lemnos is apparently the main location for the events of Arma III.  The two Bohemia Interactive developers claimed they were just collecting reference material for the game.

-Nick’s take:  I wouldn’t want to be a member of Bohemia Interactive right now.  Who knows what will happen to the two developers that were supposedly spying?  Spying can result in some pretty severe consequences, and I can understand why Greece would be wary of developers–or anyone, for that matter–taking photos and videos of their secretive military installations.  Let’s just hope this whole thing blows over without any extreme repercussions.

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