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One of the most important factors students consider when enrolling in a college or university is how attending school will affect their schedule. Flexibility is becoming increasingly important for students looking to pursue a degree. Whether they have a job and need to work on coursework on their own time or they want to study at a school with no physical location nearby, more and more students are choosing to enroll in an online degree program. Students looking to launch a career in the gaming industry are no exception. The following are the top 10 schools that offer online programs for those wishing to pursue a career in video games:

  1. International Academy of Art and Design ““ This school has several physical locations in areas throughout the country, but has a recognized online program as well. It offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design and Production program that can be completed in 180 credit hours and emphasizes gaining hands-on experience.
  2. DeVry University ““ This university has many campus locations across the country as well, but is also widely known for its online degree programs. Its Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming program is a 127 credit hour program that emphasizes taking advantage of networking and learning general skills that can be used outside of gaming as well.
  3. Post University ““ This small private university offers an accelerated online program for students wishing to study Game Design and Animation. The 15 credit hour program can be completed in about a year and provides students with a certificate upon completion. Students also have the option to complete the program as a part of another degree program.
  4. University of Advancing Technology ““ This school offers 120 credit hour program for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Art in Game Design. Classes within the program are each 5 weeks long and designed to be taken sequentially in order to develop skills that build on those learned in the course before.
  5. Westwood College ““ This college is a private school that offers an online bachelor’s degree program in Game Software Development. It can be completed in 180 credit hours and incorporates several general arts classes. Students who enroll in the program must eventually develop a full game prototype.
  6. Full Sail University ““ This university is known worldwide for its strength in training students for careers in the entertainment, media, and arts industries. It offers an online Bachelor of Science degree program in Game Design, which takes 32 months to complete. Students learn about every aspect of creating a game while developing a full prototype of a game.
  7. Southern New Hampshire University ““ This university is known not only for having one of the best online video game programs, but for having one of the most affordable. It offers an online Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Technology with a concentration on Game Development and Design. The program incorporates several business classes, including those focused on marketing and distribution.
  8. Academy of Art University ““ This university has developed a School of Game Design for students pursuing a career in the gaming industry. It offers an online Bachelor of Fine Art degree program in Game Design, as well as an online Master of Fine Art degree program in the same subject. Both provide an overview of the arts and game design, while the MFA program also focuses on advanced game mechanics and 3D technology.


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