jackthompson_qjpreviewth.jpgWe all love to deride and ridicule the caricature of a man that is Jack Thompson. It seems that Rockstar has gone one further and included him in next year’s GTA IV. Jack is understandably incensed at this apparent send up of him, the character he thinks is him says “Guns don’t kill people, videogames do!” before being gunned down in a hail of bullets. Many players will no doubt find the first kill mission in GTA IV, where you have to kill a lawyer, quite cathartic. I certainly know I would.

Is Jack Thompson Paranoid? Is he devoid of any kind of sense of humour at all? Does he not realise that he has become a figure of fun? He seems to be saying “Think of the children!” whilst thinking only of his own ego and wallet. There are two ways to deal with him, one is to ignore him and hope he goes away, but that would require that everyone ignore him and it just isn’t going to happen. The other is to make fun of him, deride him and his views, show him up as the charlatan he surely is. This is the route Rockstar have taken, leading Jack Thompson to calim that it threatens his safety. He really has lost touch with reality if he thinks that a bunch of pixels and a couple of lines of dialogue can hurt him. If he truly believes that then he should retreat from public view and go live in a cave somewhere. As a figure of some infamy in the games industry he invites parody, he should just accept it with good graces and get on with his life.
This is obviously a game of tit for tat, Jack thompson defames Rockstar and their games, they hit right back by parodying him in one fo their games. Personally I don’t think Mr.thompson is even credible anymore, after his appearance on Fox News mere hours after the virginia shootings, blaming videogames for the atrocity when at the time not even the police on the scene had any idea what motivated the shooter. It has since been found by an enquiry that videogames had absolutely nothing to do with it. Jack Thompson is a reactionary, publicity seeking luddite. filled with fear of what he doesn’t understand and milking as much publicity as he can by peddling his ignorance and misinformation to anyone who will listen (which at this point only seems to be Fox News, though even they may be wary of him by now). Having undergone psychiatric evaluation to determine his fitness to practice law (he passed, astonishingly enough) and come very close to being disbarred more than once. Jack Thompson’s tactics are questionable, his motives dubious, and his sanity seems fragile at best. I hope Rockstar get to keep their lawyer in GTA IV, people need to laugh at Jack Thompson (even if it isn’t based on him at all.)
Grand Theft Auto 4 is released in Q2 2008 (hopefully). I’d buy it just so I can shoot a lawyer, even if it isn’t Mr. Thompson.
(From Games Dog.)

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