As the season progresses and summer fades gently into autumn (fall), the creatures known collectively as Gamus Audiovideus begin to emerge from hybernation. Their unique life-cycle means that new examples emerge from the shelters of the dev studios as the hottest season comes to an end. Some are obviously descendants of last years crop, whils others have been subjected to bizarre mutations during their long gestation. Hit the jump for this week’s harvest.

Aerial MahJong 10/9/2007
Blazing Angels II: Secret Missions of WWII 14/9/2007
Bounty Bay Online 14/9/2007
Dora The Explorer: Dance To The Rescue 14/9/2007
FIBA Basketball Manager 2007 14/9/2007
Galactic Assault – Prisoner of Power 14/9/2007
Blitzkreig 2: Liberation 15/9/2007

Colin McRae: DiRT 14/9/2007
Stranglehold 17/9/2007

Super Paper Mario 14/9/2007
Anubis II 17/9/2007
Ninjabread Man 17/9/2007

Fatal Inertia 14/9/2007

Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics 14/9/2007
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing 14/9/2007

.hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption 10/9/2007
Growlanser: Heritage of War 11/9/2007

DK Jungle Climber 10/9/2007
Freshly Picked – Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland 14/9/2007
Happy Cooking 14/9/2007
Heroes of Mana 14/9/2007
Pet Alien 14/9/2007
Scrabble 2007 New Edition 14/9/2007
Sonic Rush Adventure 14/9/2007

Apologies for the lack of pithy commentary alongside the releases over the last two weeks, I’ve decided to forego taking the mickey in the interests of saving time.

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