Thankfully its a light week of releases this week, I’m off to Edinburgh in an hour or two and have to finish packing. Anyway on with the list…

1914 Shells of Fury 14/8/2007: WWI submarine simulator where you take command of a German submarine (because the Allies weren’t as advanced in sub technology by that point) and prowl the Baltic and North Atlantic seaways in search of unsuspecting prey.
Premier Manager ’08 17/8/2007: Football management game in the same vein as Championship Manager, a spreadsheet for soccer fans.

Brunswick Pro Bowling 14/8/2007: Strikes, spares and splits galore in this ten-pin bowling game.
Premier Manager ’08 17/8/2007: Guide your team to the top of the league, by the numbers.

Brunswick Pro Bowling 14/8/2007: Much easier to lug around than a bowling ball, and you don’t have to wear those rented shoes.

Dragon’s Lair 15/8/2007: Don Bluth’s classic cartoon adventure goes HD, mmm pretty.

And that’s it

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