It may look like there are a lot of new releases this week, but don’t be fooled. Budget titles and ‘rinse and repeat’ (I have formally adopted that as a term of derision for games which are only superficially different from previous titles.) games, Rugby ’08 being a case in point. These aren’t the games you’re looking for, move along.

Aurora — The Secret Within 27/7/2007: Classic point and click adveture based around the whole Area 51 conspiracy theories.
Combat Mission: Shock Force 27/7/2007: Fight in a hypothetical conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in the latest in the Combat Mission series.
Rugby 08 27/7/2007: Rugby, what more needs to be said. Expect more of the same from this EA release.
The Quest for Aladdin’s Treasure 27/7/2007: The third date for this beleaguered title, wonder if it will make it to release this time.

The Bigs 25/7/2007: Baseball, like cricket but easier to understand.

The Bigs 25/7/2007: Take me out to the ball game.

The Bigs 25/7/2007: Swing batter batter batter, swing!
Chicken Shoot + Egg Catcher 27/7/2007: Shoot chickens, catch eggs. Doesn’t sound too difficult now does it?

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers 27/7/2007: 2D brawling at its finest comes to the DS, originally slated for a spring release.
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl 27/7/2007: Nintendo’s digital disease mutates for another pandemic.

The Bigs 25/7/2007: Portable knuckleballs anyone?
Guilty Gear Judgment 27/7/2007: More 2D mayhem.
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing 27/7/2007: Wheels so hot that the tyres melt. Race ridiculously tricked out cars around even more ridiculously convoluted tracks.

Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3 24/7/2007: Third in a series of RPG titles where the main character seems to suffer from some kind of multiple personality disorder. Probably makes more sense if you play it.
The Bigs 25/7/2007: Get to third base on the PS2, not as pretty as the PS3 version though.
American Chopper 2 27/7/2007: Now there are three things that this game could be about, and only one of them has wheels.
Rugby 08 27/7/2007: American football for real men. 😛
The Quest for Aladdin’s Treasure 27/7/2007: Third times the charm for this Disney title.

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