Another fairly quiet week this week, mainly due to the effective ban given to Manhunt 2. Biggest release this week is Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 on the PC (demo available here).

Here’s the run-down.

Defender of the Crown – Heroes Live Forever (July 13th): The Cinemaware classic returns, but with no fanfare or hype? From the blurbs I’ve read it sounds like a confused combination of adventure and strategy, but hey I could be wrong.
Ship Simulator 2008 (July 13th): Live out your nautical fantasies (Sit on a bridge and watch as the computer does all the work) in Lighthouse’s flight simulator for sailors.
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (July 13th): While the original Ghost Recon was all about stealth, carefully considered tactical decisions, and patience, GRAW 2 and its predecessor have concentrated more on the instant action, adrenaline fuelled side of things. PC Gamer (UK) gives it 79% so it can’t be all bad, but for those of us that played and loved the original its nothing but a disappointment.

Riviera: The Promised Land (July 10th): Battle demons manga style in this portable RPG. Looks very Japanese.

Mario Party 8 (July 13th): Delayed from a couple of weeks ago, the lates iteration in the series. Prepare to be drowned in mini-games.

Elite Beat Agents (July 13th): Its a dancing game for the DS, I say dancing it looks more like drumming really. Some of the situations to be overcome by tapping your touchscreen are quite bizarre.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 13th): The GBA version of the movie tie in.

That’s it for this week, the quiet summer continues…

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