You’ve read about the RROD (Red Ring of Death) for the Xbox360. Now let’s take a look at another color of death ““ the YLOD, or Yellow Light of Death. This time, it applies to the PlayStation3. I honestly never thought that this day would come. To be honest, I didn’t really think that my PS3 would conk out on me.

But it did.

The other day, I was playing GTAIV in an effort to win more trophies. I am trying to build up my trophy collection on PSN, you see. Suddenly, the game froze. Even more suddenly, the PS3 died. Naturally, I tried to turn it on. Alas, nothing would happen except that it would beep, the green light would flash, then several flashes of yellow was seen, and then the perpetual red light started flashing.

After several tries ““ with the same result ““ I had to rush to my PC and check on forums. And indeed, the YLOD was what I found. Apparently, the YLOD happens to some PS3 units, the 60G version to be exact. There are many different explanations but the most common one that I found is that the graphics hardware has melted. This means that it has to be replaced and you know what that means ““ expensive!

If this happens to you and your PS3 is still under warranty, you’re lucky. You can just send it to Sony and they will either replace the whole unit or replace the damaged part. If you are beyond the warranty period ““ which is my case ““ then you are sh&t out of luck. You can still send it in but be prepared to pay $150 or so to have it fixed.

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