Who said that gaming is so intense that there is no humor in it? Games Radar has totally proven this idea false with their article on the fashion sense of the gaming world. I have to agree with them, fashion and gaming just might not be the best of bedfellows. In the article, they bashed some well known video game characters, one of the best known being Mario.

Space. The final frontier”¦ for terrible clothing choices. There’s a reason why NASA invest/waste millions of their moolah on the space program every year. R&D for rocket technology. Advanced training for astronauts. And, of course, those useful things called space suits. They’re really handy by all accounts. Something about letting you breathe in an oxygen-free environment, we think.

But not for our boy Mazza. Oh no. Who needs all that needless breathing apparatus and all that shit that stops your head from popping like a balloon when you’ve got a pair of red and blue dungarees to brave the cold, uncaring vacuum of space. The portly plumber’s lungs should collapse before he nabs his first power star. And let’s not even start on how useless his shoddy Italian garb should be for traversing planets covered in molten rock, man-scoffing plants and giant bees.

Ahuh, that Mario outfit seems to be perfect for all occasions, for all seasons, doesn’t it? Come on, admit it now. I am sure that at one point or another, you have been tempted to get yourself the gear and dress up like Mario.

For more outrageous video game fashion sense, read the whole article here.

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