No word yet on whether The Walking Dead TV show’s Norman Reedus will reprise his role as Daryl Dixon in the new The Walking Dead FPS.

Telltale’s great The Walking Dead downloadable episodic adventure game won’t be the only The Walking Dead game in town.  Activison Blizzard is going to be publishing a new The Walking Dead game next year for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC–and this one’s a first-person shooter (FPS).  The game will follow Daryl and Merle Dixon-two brothers from the TV show–as they try to survive long enough to make it to Atlanta, Georgia.  Terminal Reality–who made Ghostbusters:  The Video Game, BloodRayne, and most recently, Kinect Star Wars–will be developing the new The Walking Dead FPS.

-Nick’s take:  I’m a big fan of The Walking Dead TV show, but we already have a great The Walking Dead game in the form of Telltale’s adventure game.  While that game is based around the comic book universe, I think the story and atmosphere of The Walking Dead lend themselves better to the adventure game genre than the FPS genre.  The Walking Dead isn’t a show where people constantly shoot zombies–while there is plenty of action, the show is ultimately an exploration of what would happen if people really did live in a zombie apocalypse.

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