Uncharted 2 is amazing. Buy it!

Reading this and still haven’t played the second Uncharted game?  For shame!  That game is amazing, and now you won’t even have to leave your house to buy it.

On June 26, Uncharted:  Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition will be downloadable on the PlayStation Network.

-Nick’s take:  If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend that you buy both of these games.  Uncharted:  Drake’s Fortune is the Batman Begins of the gaming world–an absolutely fantastic game that is often forgotten because of its mind-blowingly good sequel.  Speaking of Uncharted 2:  Among Thieves–this is the best game of the generation and an unrivaled masterpiece.  Buy both of these games!

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