Xbox 360 Skyrim owners can transform into a terrifying Vampire Lord in the new Dawnguard expansion.

Vampires! They’re so hot right now, and now gamers–or at least, Xbox 360 gamers–will be able to transform into one in The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim‘s first downloadable expansion, titled Dawnguard.  Yes, you could technically become a vampire in Skyrim proper, but Dawnguard allows players to physically transform into a bat-like monster called a Vampire Lord.  There are plenty of other additions, as well, but do you really need any more incentive than vampires?  Unfortunately, only Xbox 360 Skyrim owners will be able to download Dawnguard tomorrow (June 26) for 1600 Microsoft Points, since the content is a timed Xbox exclusive.  PS3 and PC players will be able to download Dawnguard later this year.

-Nick’s take:  Skyrim fans who own the game on Xbox 360 will eat this right up.  I grew frustrated with all of Skyrim’s problems, however, and haven’t played the game in months.

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