Gas Powered Games and THQ have announced a stand-alone expansion for epic RTS Supreme Commander.

“Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is not only the continuation of the epic story that is unfolding inside the game’s universe, it is the continuation of our goal to move the bar for RTS gaming even higher than ever,”

Says GPG’s CEO Chris Taylor.

Released earlier this year, Supreme Commander, raised the bar for RTS games and gave us epic battles and giant robots. The standard RTS cliche’s are there but have almost been lifted to the level of self parody. Micromanagement is insane, army size is ridiculous and the super weapons are, well, super. Don’t take the above the wrong way, I have a great deal of affection for SupCom, it is great fun to play and does take RTS gaming to the next level, I’m just not that good at it. It has a tendency to get a bit mental at times with everything happening at once.
With SupCom: Forged Alliance GPG want to raise the bar again? With 100 new units and an entirely new faction you’d expect more of the same, we’ll have to sit on our giant robotic hands until November to find out if they manage it though. (From Kotaku.)

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