Written by Alejandro Gustafar

This summer, Xbox Live is bringing their subscribers the “Summer of Arcade” that began July 20th and will go until August 17th. Each week a new arcade title will be released. This started with “Bastion” and today “From Dust” was released. We will see “Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet” on August 3rd, “Fruit Ninja Kinect” on August 10th and “Toy Soldiers: Cold War” on August 17th. “Fruit Ninja Kinect” will cost 800 MPS or $10, all other titles will be 1200 MPS or $15. If you were to purchase all five games, you will get a free arcade title that comes out in September known as Crimson Alliance (also includes “all characters” off the bat) so that’s a good deal, right?

No, that’s not at all. The big problem with this whole deal is that not everyone owns a Kinect, so purchasing Fruit Ninja would be a waste of money since you wouldn’t be able to play it at all. Now I am a Kinect owner and I feel this deal is good for me, but then another major problem occurred. Do you remember the Kinect Arcade game “Gunstringer” that was announced earlier this year? It was suppose to be the “first” release of a Kinect Arcade title, but that didn’t end up happening so now it’ll be a retail item. Granted it’s only going to cost 39.99, not bad. WAIT! It comes with Fruit Ninja? Yes indeed it does. That now leaves us with the ultimate problem… Summer of Arcade is really sticking one to us.

Honestly in my opinion, wait for Gunstringer and get two games for 40 bucks. Then buy all four of the other “Summer of Arcade” games and pay the extra $5 for Crimson Alliance. Hey Microsoft! Why can’t you make a fair deal for everyone? Thanks for reading, and purchase wisely gamers!

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