clements4.jpg This has been floating about for a couple of days now, a student at a high school was arrested after he published a Counterstrike map depicting his school. He made the map so him and his friends could run around their school shooting at each other without all the hassle of having to clean up dead bodies and shoot themselves when they were done. The school authorities were so hysterical about it that they reported the kid to the police who then raided his home, and promptly arrested him on terrorism charges after finding a hammer in his room.

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Now I, personally, am sitting here thinking “WTF!!!”. From the looks of the map it took him some time to make it, I can’t vouch for its accuracy but I’m sure people wouldn’t have kicked up such a fuss if it wasn’t. What I’m getting at is that someone who wants to go on a shooting spree at their school they don’t spend time making an accurate replica of it for use in a computer game, they go out and buy some guns from the local illegal sources then go to the school and start shooting. Someone who obsessively collects, builds and paints plastic WWII model kits does not want to actually find themselves taking part in the Normandy landings. This is the product of a hobby, just like any other, If I were his teachers I would be impressed that he took the time to make a half decent map based on a real location, I’ve dreamed of doing the same thing for years but have never had the time or the patience. But instead of being impressed by this expression of the kid’s creativity and skill, they are afraid of it. They are afraid of it because they don’t understand it, and they are teachers. If there’s anyone you want to understand your kids, its the people who teach them. How the hell are they going to get them to learn anything otherwise?

My message to the mapper: Keep at it kid, people like you are the future of our games industry. (From EuroGamer. Images from Joystiq.)

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