If you were a hacker, you might have played as Tekken character Alisa in Street Fighter X Tekken a few months ago. Since hacking is wrong, however, the rest of us will have to pay $20 on July 21 to access the extra fighters.

Remember when gamers hacked into Street Fighter X Tekken and unlocked the 12 characters that were on the disc, but weren’t supposed to be unlocked until the PS Vita version of the game goes on sale in the fall?  Capcom didn’t exactly like that, but has taken note of it–and the game’s weak sales.  At EVO 2012 today (the annual fighting game competition), Capcom announced that–as opposed to waiting until the fall to unlock content they already own–gamers will be able to pay $20 to unlock all 12 “DLC” characters on July 21.

-Nick’s take:  Street Fighter X Tekken certainly represents the very worst of on-disc DLC.  Technically, Capcom isn’t doing anything wrong, but it just rubs me–and many others–the wrong way.  Think of it this way; if you own Street Fighter X Tekken, you could be using the 12 characters right now…if Capcom didn’t insist that you wait and pay for them.  At least Capcom has promised to change its DLC model in the future.

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