Normally, I only buy games when they are lower than $20.  And that’s why it isn’t until now that I’ve finally gotten around to playing StarFox Assault and why I didn’t buy the newer WiFi multiplayer StarFox for the Nintendo DS.

So here’s the skinny on StarFox Assault.   Too much free running “on the ground” activity.  Too little “flying on rails.”  I can get the free running stuff in any 3rd person or 1st person shooter.  I don’t want that when I play StarFox.

I want the quick-twitch star ship maneuvering space environment with meteors and lasers flying past my ship.  That’s what StarFox has always been about.  That’s how I want it to  be now.

There is some of that in StarFox Assault.  But there’s not enough of it.  I hate haplessly running around as Fox, toting guns, not knowing the last thing I need to do to finish a level.   I love being on “rails” and knowing exactly what I need to do (I like knowing what to do and just having to execute correctly.

In any case, the game is alright, but I sure wish I had just rented it.  The next game needs to be more focused on flying and less on the ground game.

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