The Web is abuzz with the news that Blizzard have finally confirmed the rumours that Starcraft 2 is in the works, the amazing thing is that it has been in development since 2003 and that they managed to keep it under wraps till now.

screenshot-2.jpgA whole slew of goodies were released to coincide with the announcement which was made at Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational in Korea on Saturday. The website that had been teasing us with its question mark for the last two weeks finally gave up its secrets, revealing the new starcraft 2 logo and the motto “Hell, its about time.” Clicking the link takes you to the official website which has a whole slew of info regarding the game. Screenshots, videos, concept art and more, the only thing it doesn’t seem to have is a release date but the scuttlebut is saying that it won’t be until next year at least. Not that there isn’t plenty to keep us going for a while at least. There is the trailer for instance, which shows Blizzard’s usual flair for cutscenes to the full:

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Then there is the 20 minutes of gameplay videos which have been released in 4 parts. I don’t want to take up the whole post with them but here are the links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. The videos give a good idea of some of the capabilities of some of the units in the game and looking at them you’d think that the game is almost ready to ship.

Joystiq has some footage of the crowd waiting for the announcement, Starcraft, as I think I may have mentioned before, is HUGE in Korea and this short clip just serves as proof of that.

Now all we need is a release date…

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  1. There are now more detailed video with developer explanations out. There are even some cool new StarCraft 2 units featured on the official SC2 website. I’m quite excited to play the new protoss zealots with rush abilities and stalkers with the blink ability. There is even a very strong Protoss mothership! Looks awesome!

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