Starcraft, the space based RTS in the same vein as the original WarCraft, is due to get a sequel, according to some Korean websites (translation of first mention, translation of further details). Starcraft is absolutely huge in South Korea where the hardcore of players are so far beyone US and Eurpoean definitions of hardcore, there’s really no comparison.


Blizzard will reportedly reveal more on May 19th at their World Wide Invitational in Seoul. Korean pundits are hoping that they won’t repeat the mistakes that were made with WarCraft 3. There is a huge following for Starcraft in Korea, with matches between the best players even being televised, the hope is that StarCraft 2 will be compatible with the e-sports format in a way which WarCraft 3 wasn’t. WarCraft 3’s failing in this regard basically killed off the televised WarCraft 2 market when the fans all migrated to the new title, leaving its predecessor in the cold. (From The Last Boss.)

4 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 in the works?

  1. This was confirmed as a false rumor weeks ago. It’s basically a korean hardcore player’s fantasy list of features.

  2. Well they’re set to announce something at their invitational on May 19th, I’ve not read any confirmation one way or the other on whether its SC2, it could be something completely different. Then again it may not.
    The second translation is from the 25th April. and from reading it the announcement is either Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3, either way its bound to be something huge.

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