DayZ is getting a standalone release.

Indie mod sensation DayZ–which is based off of realistic hardcore PC FPS Arma II–is getting its own release, according to the game’s creator.  Dean “Rocket” Hall revealed on DayZ‘s official Tumblr that the new DayZ will be a standalone product developed by himself and Arma developer Bohemia Interactive.  The new version of DayZ will follow a “Minecraft development model” (meaning numerous alpha/beta iterations before an official release) but won’t interfere with the mod, which will continue to exist and even receive updates.

-Nick’s take:  DayZ is a unique take on the zombie FPS genre that has found a pretty substantial audience (over 1 million players, in fact).  Hopefully, the new standalone game will clean up some of the bugs and issues that the mod has been plagued with.

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