evo_800Ã"”600.gifThough that is the 2009 fiscal year, which could end up being 2010 to us non-accountant types. I can see this game being as much of a disappointment as S.T.AL.K.E.R. was on its release. EA and Will Wright have been hyping this game for two years already, and now we’re told that its another two years away at least. You have to wonder what the hell is taking so long.

You’d have thought that a game like Spore could be released episodically, with the different stages of your species’ evolution being played in vastly different ways. But I guess that EA haven’t though of that. They could even go the Sims route and have the first release being the cellular level, with expansions for each subsequent level. I’m surprised that a greedy publisher like EA hasn’t whipped their coding sweatshops into a frenzy to get this one out, I reckon its going to be huge, unless something else pips it to the post. (From Kotaku.)

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