The PS Vita has sold 1.8 million units since launch. Can it sell an additional 10 million this year?

During a post-earnings investor call, Sony president Kaz Hirai said that the PS Vita has sold 1.8 million units worldwide so far, a figure that Hirai called “a good start.”  He also said that more appealing software is on the way for the handheld, and that Sony expects to sell an additional 10 million PS Vitas by the end of the fiscal year.

-Nick’s take:  1.8 million units is a decent start.  It’s no 3DS, and the Vita has been having trouble selling in Japan, but it’s not a complete flop, either.  The unveiling of a new Call of Duty title for the Vita and other software announcements likely to come out of E3 should give the handheld a nice boost in sales, though I’m pretty skeptical about the likelihood of the Vita selling 10 million units this year.

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